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Azawi questions Bebe Cool’s claim of financial struggles in music industry, advocates for government support to emerging artists

Swangz Avenue musician Priscilla Zawedde alias Azawi believes the deputy speaker of parliament of Uganda, Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, could do better than rally the government to finance a music battle between Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone.

The “Repeat It” songster finds it useless for Hon. Tayebwa to inject hundreds of millions of cash into a music battle between two already-established artists yet that money could help many rising and struggling musicians.

Azawi explains that the likes of Bebe Cool and Jose Chameleone ride expensive cars from the money they have earned from the music industry plus owning many other properties to their names.

He thus urges the deputy speaker of parliament to inject the money into the younger talented artists who are toiling to make a ground footing in the industry.

In regard to Bebe Cool’s previous statement where he claimed that his Gagamel and Jose Chameleone’s Leone Island music camps are stuck because of lack of money, Azawi said that those are lies and tasked him to explain his continued existence in the music business if he is struggling as he claims.

She maintained that if there was no money in the music industry, Bebe would have quit and ventured all his efforts into something else.

Hon. Thomas Tayebwa, I respect you but I think you can do better. The men you want to finance to have a music battle have earned a lot from this music industry. However, you can support rising talents like me and others who are trying so hard to break the glass ceiling.

Inject that huge sum of money into rising and struggling artists to have a better industry. If Bebe Cool claims not to have money from the industry, why doesn’t he quit the music business and venture into something else?Azawi

Azawi who looked bothered by Hon. Tayebwa’s decision, noted that the money meant to be for that battle can also be injected into establishing better music facilities.

She explained that the struggles that rising artists go through force them to hit on sugar mummies in order to sustain their music careers, something that would have not happened if the government had supported the music industry.

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