NBA YoungBoy Money Yaya

NBA YoungBoy, Yaya Mayweather

NBA YoungBoy received support from an unlikely source as he attended court for his first hearing into the prescript fraud ring allegations by the Cache County District Attorney’s office.

The “Until Death Call My Name” rapper attended court this week where his longtime attorney, Drew Findling was successful in negotiating his release on a $100,000 bond. In court, Findling shared that the rapper would waive his preliminary hearing for an arraignment later down, which Judge Spencer D. Walsh later granted. The judge ordered that YoungBoy’s arraignment be set around 60 days from his last hearing – July 1st.

While in court, YoungBoy’s mother, Sherhonda Gaulden, was visibly absent, although fans online shared that she was in Houston the same day for Nicki Minaj’s concert. YoungBoy’s wife of two years, Jazlyn Mychelle, was also not in court to support him. However, it seems that Yaya Mayweather and other family members ensured they were there to support YoungBoy.

Mayweather and YoungBoy, whose real name is Kentrell Deshaun Gaulden, share a son, KJ, who lives with her.

Videos from the courtroom showed YoungBoy waking into the courtroom and beaming with a smile. He sported a scruffy look, his hair grown out, and his mustache appeared overgrown.

Yaya is seen paying rapt attention to the proceedings as Judge Walsh finalizes his orders. It’s not the first time the Mayweathers have shown YoungBoy care, as her father was also in court on several occasions during YB’s federal gun case in Los Angeles in 2022.

In the meantime, although YoungBoy received bond in Cache County, he was reportedly transferred to Weber County jail while he awaits arraignment on three charges also related to prescription drug fraud.

Full Video of NBA YoungBoy in Court Today with Yaya Mayweather and more family in attendance

— Youngboy Snippets (@YoungboySnippet) May 9, 2024

The rapper is accused of impersonating well-known doctors and presenting legitimate names of patients for prescription drugs from pharmacies in the state of Utah while he was on house arrest. He reportedly was heard on audio calling in for a prescription for a patient, which a pharmacist found suspicious. After the prescriptions are called in, another person would go and pick up the drugs, which included codeine and promethazine.

The police have not named any other suspect as charged in the alleged prescription drug fraud. YoungBoy is facing 61 charges for the offenses.