President Museveni has eulogized vlogger Ibrahim Tusubira aka Isma Olaxess, aka Jajja Ichuli who was shot and killed near his car near home in Kyaja zone on Saturday evening.

“I condemn and treat with contempt the killing of this Ugandan by some pigs. It is pigs that believe in using guns against unarmed opponents. NRM enjoys defeating unarmed opponents with counter- arguments. Killing critics shows that your position is false and you cannot out- argue an opponent. Why kill him if he is wrong and you are right? Killers are fake thinkers. They stand on false positions. Anyway, I can assure Ugandans that this criminal will be traced and punished. Do you remember the Bijambiya in Masaka? Most of those suspected killers are in the courts of law today. Do you remember the Kiddawalime group? Most of them are either dead or in prison. Kiddawalime himself was among the dead,” President Museveni said on Monday evening in a statement he posted on his Twitter handle.

He said he has sent State House Comptroller Jane Barekye to deliver his condolence message to the Jajja Iculi’s family.

“Sympathy to the family of Isma. We stand with you and we shall punish the killer,” the president said.

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