Wiz Khalifa’s Bob Marley tattoo is going viral, but not for the reasons you think. While the legendary Reggae singer has been a go-to for tattoo-lovers in Hip-Hop and many other spaces, his appearance on Wiz Khalifa’s seemingly pedicure-deprived left foot has left fans trolling the Black and Yellow artist, while mourning Bob’s “fate.”

The photo, which captures Wiz taking a mostly full-bodied shot while sitting down, was posted to the Hip Hop star’s Twitter page.

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And though the rapper seems to have been focused on a massage he was getting at home, captioning the series of photos “Sessions at my house are super fun”, fans zoomed into one of the photos to reveal what appeared to be ashy and relatively disfigured toes.

One Twitter user, after observing the picture in question, retweeted it with the caption: “Even Bob Marley wondering why his toes look the way they do”.

And other users piled on.

“Errthang was looking good until those feet caught my attention like –”, followed by a series of laughing emojis, declared Twitter user Caira.

Tweeted another: “Boy you got too much money for your feet to look like that.”

Under Wiz Khalifa picture with his feet out somebody said “What in the playground wood chips” 😭😭😭😭

— 🌴 (@Slightttt) March 17, 2023

“Ah BOB that on his foot?” one user asked.

Others left comments questioning why Bob Marley looked as though he was in pain, while there were others who simply pointed out that just needed a pedicure to fix things up.

There were those, however, who felt like it was all disrespectful to Bob.

According to one user, “Why TF would he disrespect Bob Marley like this?”.

Another comment read: “Bob Marley must be pissed right now.”

Wiz Khalifa cannot have a girlfriend rn. If he does, she most definitely do not care about him. No way a woman is letting her man feet look like that.

— Barbīe (@indiafineee) March 17, 2023

Some fans rushed to rapper’s defense, reminding social media that he trains as an MMA artist, and that training may be responsible for his toes being the way they are.

Though Wiz’s Bob Marley tattoo is catching a few strays online, he is far from the only star or artist to have a Bob Marley tattoo, and likely won’t be the last.

Recently, Future honored the legend by tattooing Bob’s face on his right leg. Meanwhile American actor, Mark Wahlberg – who frequently associates with rappers such as Snoop Dogg, among others, was also known to have a Bob Marley tattoo, which was ultimately removed for personal reasons.

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