Voicemail, once a trio, proves that they are still a force to be reckoned with, even after the tragic loss of group member O’Neil Edwards over a decade ago.

The duo, consisting of Kevin and Qraig, is currently making waves on the Dancehall scene with a raft of infectious singles, namely Do This Everyday, Steal, and Back To The Fun, the latter featuring Terro 3000.

The pair will soon depart for Europe to commence their fully booked three-month tour of the continent from April to June. The pair was also recently featured in a docu-series by major German multimedia outlet TV Galileo, highlighting their global impact beyond Jamaica’s shores.

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Adding to their growing list of achievements this year is a newly minted management deal with longtime friend and Grammy-winning producer/businessman Comar “Frankie” Campbell of Frankie Music.

“I have been working with them for over 20 years ago. The hiatus was a marketing idea which came up after O’Neil died, Kevin wanted to do solo projects, Craig wanted to do solo projects. These solo songs further strengthened the brand Voicemail, that was merely a strategic exercise to regroup, and bring new energy. During that time, they also did Voicemail projects but didn’t find that new breakout song,” Frankie told DancehallMag.


But now that they have inked a new management deal, Voicemail is full speed ahead.

“They have new videos, they are bringing that Voicemail energy that everyone expects, songs like Back to the Fun and Steel, which we are promoting now. Steel has a new dance called Sea Level which will be take the dances this Summer,” Campbell added.

In 2003, Voicemail recorded their first local hit, Weh Di Time. Riding on this success, they produced a series of hit singles with accompanying videos, such as Gal Hunt, She Want It Harder, Ready To Party, Let’s Dance, and Wacky Dip.

Their popularity grew as they performed at various events locally, including Spring Fest 2004, Fully Loaded and Reggae Sumfest in 2004 and 2005.

In July 2006, the group released their hugely successful debut album, Hey, with VP Records, thrusting them into international stardom. They quickly followed up with their sophomore effort, Let’s Go, distributed by Japan’s Pony Canon Label.

With their third album, Jump Off, the group opted for a new direction, excluding dance songs from the project, for which they had become synonymous. The group’s popularity grew in Japan, subsequently performing at the country’s largest reggae festival, “Yokohama Reggae SAI”.

Despite the tragic loss of O’Neil Edwards, the remaining group members continue to produce music and keep the memory of their fallen brother alive. They have performed extensively across the globe and continue to enjoy an uptick in support.

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