On My Way (OMW), the collaboration between newcomer Scrptiid and Jada Kingdom, has earned the duo their first entries on a Billboard chart.

The song, released on February 25, 2023, has debuted on the Billboard US Afrobeats Song Chart at No. 21, and the Billboard World Digital Singles Chart at No. 3, both dated March 11.

According to a release, On My Way is best defined as a ‘feel-good’ single, that blends the distinctive sounds of authentic Caribbean Reggae vocals over an Afrobeat-influenced instrumental, power-packed with cutting-edge lyrics, ear catching melodies alongside state-of-the-art marketing powered by his label Alive Enterprise.

 “A true feeling of joy, a moment to measure the work that has been done thus far and another reason to stay motivated. There once was a time I had ten views within ten days on a song, I uploaded on YouTube, so I am thankful and again this only pushes me to journey onto the next milestone as there is much more to do accomplish” Scrptiid stated in response to his latest achievement.

Scrptiid, whose given name is Romario Hanson, recorded and released the original version of On My Way (OMW) with Astyle Alive back in 2020. The track then attracted interest from Kingdom, the statement said.

The ‘Esyde Queen’ added her sultry vocals to the catchy tune.

“Come yah suh immediately/ This is an emergency/  I’m most certain that I’m ready/ You’re my person/ You a my baby/ Meet mi by mi telly/ Just drop di pin/ Mi a track yuh pon mi celly/ Nuh mek nuh detour cause mi will unsend it…” she raps—maneuvering the rhythm immaculately.

Jada Kingdom signed to Republic Records in June 2021.

In September last year, she was featured on John Legend’s Speak In Tongues. The single was released with the award-winning singer’s eighth and latest studio album LEGEND

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