Dancehall deejay Macka Diamond is over the subsector of the internet that is more preoccupied with Grammy-winning artist Koffee flying coach than her well-being following an alleged altercation on an American Airlines flight on Thursday

Macka is standing with the Rapture artist who reportedly, while en route from Kingston to Miami, wanted to use the bathroom in first class despite being seated in economy. This allegedly caused an altercation with a flight attendant, resulting in the pilot having to circle as staff diffused the matter. Consequently, the flight landed later than scheduled.

“Sometimes mi disappointed inna mi own Jamaican people dem because mi a watch one thing pon di net with Koffee and unno waan tell me seh out of all the situations, unno haffi pick out seh she a travel inna economy? Something wrong with traveling in economy?” Macka asked in a video post.


She added context by saying that not every artist, regardless of stature, will fly first class, and that it’s more important for performers to get to their bookings on time.

“If one artist book fi one show and first class sold out, weh unno think a go happen?” she posed. “We haffi travel a di back of the plane, di side, anywhere, so, which part unno did want she travel? Inna the hood? The cockpit? Where? Mi nuh understand.”

She continued, “Anywhere yuh stand up pon the plane, the plane a go reach a di same place. Nobody at the back nah go nowhere different from who inna first class. Sometimes mi nuh even like the first class because the first row inna first class, mi so tall my foot uncomfortable bad.”

Deejay Macka Diamond

While entertainment Minister Olivia ‘Babsy’ Grange has since said that Koffee is “now fine” and was able to proceed to her final destination in the States after being questioned by US immigration authorities, Koffee hasn’t publicly addressed the matter.

In that regard, Macka suggested that people exercise more compassion, tying in her own experience of airline-bathroom drama. 

“Why unno cya seh she did really pee up herself or number two up herself and she haffi run? Cause dat happen to me already. Mi a tek plane and me haffi run go inna the bathroom and mi hear the plane bout fi tek off and the pilot almost stop the plane and mi go through that already. We all go through things and the flight attendant come to me all sort of something, seh dem a go stop the plane and dem a go tek mi off but maybe she tek it a different level, we nuh know.”

Macka Diamond

Koffee performed in Texas on Friday night at Rolling Stone’s Future of Music concert which also featured Chloe, Coco Jones and Coco & Clair Clair. 

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