Espacio Dios' 'Cradle of the Fourthkind' EP captures the magic of young love

Album Title: Cradle of the Fourthkind (EP)

Date of Release: March 17th, 2023

Espacio Dios - 'Craddle of the Fourth Kind'

Length: 11 minute 04 seconds

Label: Cradle of the Fourth Kind/ONErpm

Details/Takeaway: Espacio Dios has returned with his latest project, the first EP of his ‘Cradle of the Fourth Kind’ series, entitled The First Kind. This conceptual and personal project follows the different stages of falling in love, from negotiating to learning to trust, and showcases Espacio Dios’ talent for creating a mellow, more minimalistic sound that perfectly captures the essence of young love.

The EP’s first track, ‘The 1st Kind,’ is a dreamy instrumental that perfectly captures the feeling of falling in love at first sight. The soft bassline is held by shakers and occasional piano, while majestic female vocals add a touch of magic to the song. ‘Le Nna,’ the focus track, elaborates further on the feeling of seeing someone for the first time and knowing that they’re the one. The seductive melody is accompanied by claps and soft shaker, supported by layers of vocals and a minor-toned distorted organ.

The EP’s third track, ‘Pelo + Magleradoeboy – IG,’ is a powerful track that asks whether the partner can take the artist, faults and all. The organ is consistent throughout, inciting a driving steady rhythm that perfectly complements the bassline in the chorus.

Finally, ‘Collapse All Rules – IG’ is a celebration of love, announced with conviction and an intricate yet cool energy. The beat is carried by a heavily manipulated ukulele guitar that resembles a distorted hang drum.

Espacio Dios’ Cradle of the Fourth kind project showcases the artist’s skill and talent, and it’s a must-listen for anyone who has ever fallen in love. With his unique blend of African R&B, Motswako influences, and traditional and electronic music, Espacio Dios has created something truly special that captures the magic of young love.


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