This week is off to an interesting start.

Following an eventful Sunday night with double evictions, Big Brother has introduced a new plot twist to the show.

After weeks of group sessions, Biggie has dissolved all pairs, meaning the competition is back to being a solo game and each housemate is officially on their own.

The housemates were paired with members of the opposite sex last month. The new announcement was made shortly before this week’s Head of House games which came with another plot twist.

Unlike previous weeks where they simply played for the title, the housemates played individually for the Supreme Veto Gameplay tonight.

For round one, the six male housemates were asked to play the pipeline game which involved rolling balls across three open pipelines. Blaqboi won the round by defeating Miracle OP.

Then, the female housemates played the same game. Blaqboi and Ipeleng both made it through to the second round of the game.

In the second round, tagged “The Supreme Veto Game,” the two were tasked to build a tower with glasses of water on a swing.

Ipeleng was announced as the HoH and the Supreme Veto Power holder after defeating Blaqboi. This is her second time as HoH.

As the winner, she is the first housemate to be guaranteed a spot in the BBTitans finale. She also received the “immunity to the finale” letter which means the South African housemate will not be up for nominations for the rest of the show.

Ipeleng is officially the first finalist of the season with 12 housemates left competing for the grand prize of $100,000. The show will end on April 2, 2023.


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