These housemates don’t rate Big Brother.

Biggie Punishes Housemates [DSTV]

Biggie made it known that those people specifically violated the rules stipulated in the task brief, meaning they didn’t carry out the task in a fair manner.

Some of the housemates found strange objects in the house, and Biggie called them and informed them not to interfere with those objects, not to talk about them, and to leave them as they found them. He also instructed them to leave the area where the items were found, but some of them refused and continued to examine the objects, earning themselves an ‘unfair’ advantage over others.

Some of the housemates also discussed the game amongst themselves, which was against the rules. Biggie found this unfair and opined that it didn’t raise the playing field.

Biggie took time to reprimand the defaulters; he called them out and addressed the rule breaks.

The housemates have constantly broken Big Brother’s rules. In an eight-week stay, they have consistently broken the rule in the house. Maybe a more severe punishment is required to keep these guys in check.


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