In Nigeria, you can find a variety of stews, soups, sauces, and many more dishes that are as delicious as they come. As delicious as these foods are, there are some you need special grace (skill) to prepare right.

Here are three popular Nigerian foods that fall into this category;

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Pap and custard are prominent on the list of meals Nigerians have for breakfast. However, you need to have the skill or else you will end up making nonsense. The pap and custard has to be mixed with the right proportion of water and if you miss this, just say goodbye to your breakfast.


Made from semolina flour, semo is a starchy meal (swallow) commonly eaten in Nigeria with different kinds of soups such as egusi, ogbono, okro etc. Do not let the whitish innocent look fool you because semo is actually one Nigerian meal that can be difficult to prepare without having seeds or lumps in it.

Sadly, you can’t enjoy semo like this and this is why some people do not bother with semo, they just ditch it for other forms of swallow.

Moi-moi (Credit: LagosMums)

Moi Moi is a popular Nigerian meal made from beans. Moi-moi is one delicious meal rich in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals. Preparing moi-moi means soaking the beans, peeling the skin off, blending the beans and mixing them with your desired ingredients before cooking.

Aside from the hard work put into preparing moi-moi, it can be challenging for some people to make because once you get it wrong with the mixing, you end up ruining the meal.

While these dishes can be challenging to prepare, with practice and patience and watching lots of videos, anyone can learn to make them successfully.


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