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Tinker Bell Not Canceled, Still Makes Disney Park Appearances Despite Reports

Disney Not Banning Tinker Bell From Parks … Rumor Fueled By Far-Right

Tinker Bell’s not getting the boot from Disneyland — even though a crap ton of people are under the misconception she is … all ’cause of baseless fan theories that have run amok.

You may have heard about this in recent weeks — namely, reports that have suggested that the live version of the Tinker Bell character at Disney parks in the U.S. was persona non grata going forward … and that they were putting her on the shelf for being “problematic.”

This all stems from a NYT story that detailed an internal study Disney did a few years ago analyzing which of their characters didn’t hold up to modern-day standards … and Tink was one, as their own people felt she wasn’t a good role model for girls in the 21st century.

In light of that … a lot of these fan blogs have claimed Tinker Bell is now being taken out of circulation at Disney parks — but we’ve learned that just isn’t the case, and this is coming straight from the Mouse House itself.

A Disney rep tells us, “Tinker Bell is a beloved character, and she continues to appear in all of our parks around the world.” It’s a little vague on the character’s future, frankly, but — on its face … it seems TB’s here to stay.

Like we said, these unsubstantiated rumors started on low-key fan sites — citing the NYT story … and for some reason, these claims have seemingly made a comeback online, and conservative media outlets are fanning the rumor’s flames and pointing to it as another example of wokeness going too far.


Of course, Disney’s pissed off pretty much everyone on the right … from average everyday conservatives to Florida governor Ron DeSantis — whose home state settled with Disney last month after Disney claimed RD retaliated against them for their opposition to his “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

Bottom line … Tinker Bell’s not banished from Disneyland yet — and, it doesn’t sound like she’s growing up (and out of the rotation) anytime soon. Yes, go ahead and clap!

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