For close to a month now, the hottest debate in the entertainment circles has all been about the “Big Three” artists; Bebe Cool, Bobi Wine, and Jose Chameleone.

The debate concerns their contribution to Ugandan music and discussions on whether the ‘Big Three’ talk should be scrapped as it looks to downplay their impact on Uganda’s music.

Of course, the debate has ignited mixed reviews with some applauding their contribution whereas others trashed their addition to Uganda’s art.

Singer Jamal Wasswa boldly stated that the ‘Big Three’ are only big at their homes thus pouring cold water onto their contribution to Uganda’s music business.

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A Pass has also weighed in on the trio’s contribution to Ugandan music and he likens them to ‘diamonds’ noting that they won’t change to copper.

He writes saying they will always be remembered as great men that changed the face of Ugandan music.

A Pass scoffs at artists who have anything disrespectful to comment of the trio saying they should save it because the ‘Big Three’ paved the way for them to enjoy the current space of limelight.

I laugh when I see people discussing Bobi wine, Chameleon, and Bebe Cool. I personally love to focus on the good things, these guys have created music that has made many of us happy and proud to be Ugandans.

There is so much to learn from these guys, what to be like and what not to be like. Judging them is from a place of self-righteousness but remember, everyone makes mistakes and we learn from them. So learn, don’t judge.

Whether it’s now or then these guys are diamonds, will always be and will forever be. They are not changing into copper.

They will always be remembered as great men that changed the face of Ugandan music. If you are an artist and you have anything disrespectful you want to say to these guys save it because they paved a way for you to enjoy yourself as a Ugandan musician.

Learn from them, and don’t make fun of them. When a man falls, don’t laugh, learn.

Lastly, if you spend most of your time looking at what other people are doing with their own time, you need to look closely at yourself and not at them.

Let me go back to the studio and work on being the big one.

A Pass

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