Ugandans will always show up… for party

What stands out? I met some friends from Deutscheland. Whenever you meet fellows from ‘outside countries’, they usually come in the suits of consultants on everything. You may not call it a superiority complex, but a natural feeling that when you meet someone who is poorer, you want to diagnose their problem and prescribe medicine. They kept wondering: ‘What are you proud of as Ugandans? Is it your lake? Your mountain?’ I could not find anything.

To be honest, there is no special feature. I thought of Rwenzori, but it does not get Ugandans worked up. Perhaps River Nile, but that too does not get one into some excitement. It could be that we have this abundance of the natural, that the gods have gifted us with beauty, it is not something to get us excited. If something comes natural to you, then you do not spend your whole life obsessing about it. Ethiopia has Habesha, Tanzania has Swahili. You are not accepted in Tanzania until you worship Swahili. And South Sudan, because their Independence did not come easy, that alone gives them a reason to fight.

If there is something about Uganda, it is the Ugandan spirit. You must live long in Uganda to get this, you must move across this country, interact with every element of this society for you to land on this conclusion. There is something about the Ugandan spirit.

There is something about that spirit that negotiates potholes Monday to Sunday, yet still shows up with a smile. There is something about a spirit that cannot be destroyed by suffering. There is something about a spirit that smiles through its pain. It is the Ugandan spirit.

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