There is something unusual about this video. It works on the concept of shocking them, then normalising them. You know, the first shocker is of these two lovers obsessed about goats. And the first thought that comes to a viewer’s mind is why did this couple and community opt for goats instead of horses.

As you are settling in with this goat fact, then you get these dances that match the tune. And then, David Lutalo reappears with the actual horses. Then you are about to complain about these men dressed like they are out of the mortuary. Once again, the shocker is cleared, actual Tennessee cowboy costumes appear. It is a video that keeps upgrading and downgrading its viewers.

From the countryside scenes to the urban scenes. But then, that scene with the metallic box suitcases, what was the whole idea? Somehow David Lutalo wanted to relive his high school days? For this video, it leaves nothing undone. And in that much, you will find something to love.

– Ian Ortega

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