Members of the Dancehall fraternity are celebrating Spice and D’Angel’s burying of the hatchet over the weekend at the IRAWMA awards.

In a video clip shared by Onstage, at the IRAWMA Awards, the two Dancehall divas are seen gigging and teasing each other, while searching through their phones in a bid to unblock each other on Instagram, after a public raucous showdown in 2019, over their song No Worries.  

“A you block mi first,” Spice said giggling, while D’Angel jokingly shot back: “No, a you. A lie, a lie,” as they squealed in laughter.

“We just unblocked each other… We will never be childish again,” D’Angel promised moments later.

Among the celebrities who celebrated the reunion were Pamputtae, Queen Lady Gansgta (Queenie), and selector Pink Panther.

“Dis mi a talk bout unity mi happy mi Neva pick no side a peace and love mi show uno all wen the ppl dem a try mix mi up,” Pamputtae wrote.

“I do love 💕 this 🙌GOD & TIME 👏GIRL POWER 🔥QUEEN WAVE 👋🏽,” Queenie wrote, while Pink Panther noted: “Love dis”.

Also cheering them along was Canada-based Dancehall artiste Razor B, who noted: “God and Good Road”.

The standoff between the two began in January 2019, after Spice called out D’angel during an Instagram Live video for being a hypocrite.

As the drama unfolded, D’angel had shared a video on YouTube addressing her fallout with the Cool It deejay, claiming that Spice was the one who wanted to do a collaboration after she was rebuked for not helping other female artists.

The Exposed singer had, among other things, also addressed the issue of one of Spice’s dancers disrespecting her on social media.  Spice, in turn, had taken to Instagram, where she upbraided D’Angel while revealing details about why her marriage ended with Beenie Man.

Spice also said that she used her own money (J$200,000) to shoot the music video for No Worries.  She had even gone on to offer J$1 million to any person who could prove she started any conflict with a female artist.

She had even said she has played her part in uplifting female entertainers, and pointed to her all-female Gal Click riddim on which she had featured Macka Diamond, Stacious and Stylish, back in 2013. 

Following the Onstage post, there were praises for the duo from fans, some of whom called for them to do new music together.

“Do a collaboration now an burn up dance hall,” opal45 said.

“Oh gawd! Mi wuda bawl ya now! I love this! Please I hope it’s genuine. You both are two beautiful females in dancehall. You don’t need drama and competition you need collaboration and support! I truly love this! Great example, I hope to see more of this among our Jamaican Celebs,” another woman wrote.

“This is what we call at the right time this happened at the right time for both of them hopefully she’s gonna be on the new rhythm because she’s need so good luck for dance hall,” uniquely_gaza_1 said, while moneyq19 added: “I love love this moment……peace we need always!! I would now love for RT and Spice to do this”.    

D’Angel shared of a clip of herself and Spice performing No Worries, and noted in the caption: “performing no worries with Spice felt like when we just recorded.” She said that the Queen of Dancehall’s recent near-death experience may have contributed to her repairing her relationship with her compatriot.

“I have been saying this since I heard Spice went to Death Road that God didn’t let her go to the gates of death for her to die but sometimes he just wanted to remind us that he is god and god alone. I knew something good would come out of her experience 🙏🙏🙏 Life is too short to let the devil steal your joy,” one woman noted.

While supporting the show of unity, others were wary in some cases.

“Mi love the unity and everything but a hope spice put back the song pond har YouTube channel weh she mek Rt boss tell har fi tek dung. Uno think uno did bigger than the song but a lie uno a tell no worries mi seh. The gyal dem inna dancehall fi live good a dat mi seh. Big up Marion hall ova the chruch side love u like dat who vex,” one woman said.

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