Soulja Boy / SODMG

Soulja Boy might’ve had a moment of reflection following his beef with Metro Boomin after making some crude comments about the producer’s late mother.

The SODMG rapper was called out by fans and fellow rappers for his comments, including Meek Mill and 21 Savage, who openly criticized him on social media. Soulja Boy was defiant in the midst of the criticism last weekend, but now he is singing a different tune with an apology, in which he vows to get therapy for anger management.

“I apologize to [Metro Boomin] for over reacting over an old tweet,” he wrote on Twitter/X. “Condolences to his mom. I’m going to seek therapy and anger management. I’m done responding to hate, new or old.”


Metro Boomin has not responded to Soulja Boy’s apology, and neither did he address the tweets about his late mother, Leslie Wayne, who was killed in 2022 by her husband in a murder-suicide. Big Draco started beefing with Boomin last weekend over a tweet from 2012 in which the producer seemingly slighted him.

“My phone rings to come to the studio with Jeezy. Yours rings to send Soulja Boy a pack of beats. Sit down,” Boomin wrote.

It seems that old statement angered Soulja Boy some twelve years later as he went off the rails with some distasteful tweets about the producer and his late mother. “You was tryna send me beats too pu*** ass boy @MetroBoomin,” Soulja said in one tweet, before adding, “I don’t give a f***!!!! It’s always cool when a ni*** come at me but when I defend myself it’s too much huh?! F*** that ni*** mama!!!!!!!!!! Don’t speak on my name b**ch!”

Metro Boomin’s friend and collaborator, 21 Savage, eventually stepped in and scolded Soulja Boy, which only made the situation worse as the SODMG rapper also went off on him. “Speaking on a ni*** mama like sh*t a game you gone sh*t on yourself when I see you boy,” Savage tweeted.

A defiant Soulja Boy responded to the “Knife Talk” rapper, saying, “I’ll beat the f*** out you @MetroBoomin and @21savage sign the boxing? contract since u pu*** ni***z so tough.”

Soulja Boy, who has had a few days to calm down and reflect on some of his comments, now says he is sorry for his outburst. He has also deleted the tweets, which could be interpreted as a sign of remorse, although some fans are not convinced.