Today, as Dancehall artists take to social media to reflect on and celebrate motherhood, we highlight a few of the moving tributes that honor the legacy of mothers at every level.

From Dancehall Queen Spice’s moving reflection to Popcaan’s recurring pranks on ‘Miss Rhona,’ check out a few of our favorite posts to commemorate today’s worldwide celebration.

Spice’s Reflections

Dancehall Queen Spice, a mother of two, began the day with a with a general tribute to mothers. “Happy Mother’s Day to all my besties. Continue being a superhero” the Go Down Deh singer wrote.

The 40-year-old then followed that post up with a mash-up of moments, in both pictures and videos, spent with her two kids, Nicholas and Nicholatoy. That video begins with Nicholatoy telling her mother, “Happy Mother’s Day mommy! I love you, thank you for everything!”, followed by Nicholas giving his own words of appreciation: “Happy Mother’s Day enuh mommy, love yuh enuh. Greatest mother inna di world, yuh hear dat?” Spice responds that she loves them too, as the video transitions to certain key motherhood moments for the Dancehall Queen.

Shaggy Honours His Wife And Mother

Dancehall megastar Shaggy took the moment to recognize mothers all across the world, but specifically highlighted his wife – Rebecca Packer-Burrell, and his mother, Veronica Miller. With a photo of his wife holding two of their children, then only toddlers, and a picture of his mother, Shaggy wrote: ‘Happy Mother’s Day to these two wonder ladies… The strong women in our lives. Sending love and appreciation to all the mothers out there!!”

Shenseea and Rajeiro

From having to legally defend her son Rajeiro Lee, to reiterating the lengths she would go to protect him via a viral freestyle, the 26-year-old Shenyeng Boss has never been shy about her journey with motherhood. Today, the star treated her over 6.4 million Instagram followers to a series of heartwarming photos with her eight-year-old, with the final photo in that series being a black-and-white throwback to when Rajeiro Lee was just an infant. She captioned the post: “Being a mom has been my greatest blessing. Thank you for making me a proud one. I love you unconditionally. Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms.”

Despite the celebration, fans of the ‘Curious’ singer know Mother’s Day is a bittersweet occasion. In June 2020, Shenseea’s mother, Castilyn Eleanor Williams passed away. She previously revealed to fans, “My mom’s death really changed me. [I’m] Less talkative, more reserved. I hope it won’t be like this forever but at the moment I can’t help it.”

Popcaan and Miss Rhona

Dancehall star Popcaan has a well-documented history of playfully testing his mother’s patience on social media. Some of the Unruly Boss’ most cheerful moments have come by way of these interactions with Miss Rhona, and today, the star veered from the sentimental path and went straight for the characteristic humor, as well as scoring a point in their ongoing ‘battle’.

Popcaan’s fans know Miss Rhona as a devout Christian and a no-nonsense person, so when the star had a chance to catch her on camera taking a whiff of some marijuana he had been sifting through, he didn’t hesitate. Initially appearing unaware of the camera, Miss Rhona observes a portion of marijuana on a table while fiddling a piece of it in-hand. Popcaan then quickly brings some he had been holding to her nose, briefly catching her off-guard. She sniffs it, and then says to someone off-camera: “You nuh think mi know ganja?”, before sniffing and putting down some she had also been holding.

Popcaan, appearing to celebrate his small win, captioned the post: “Happy Mother’s Day pastor” with a heart emoji, followed by “Them learn” and a laughing emoi.

Alaine Reflects On Performance With Beenie Man, Teases Song With Dexta Daps

Mother’s Day for Reggae songbird Alaine came packed with reflection and anticipation. Fresh off her IRAWMA win, Alaine shared a clip of a performance featuring herself and Dancehall King Beenie Man, as the two rocked the stage live at a Mother’s Day treat event held at Brew’d Awakening in Kingston, Jamaica. 

She began the post’s lengthy caption: ‘Happy Mother’s Day to all the amazing mothers!’

In the video, both Alaine and Beenie Man appear ecstatic on stage as they perform their 2007 hit single, ‘Dreaming of You’. For Alaine, despite the track being among her most popular songs, she had never performed it live with Beenie Man until the aforementioned Mother’s Day show, some 15 years later. She explained: “I’m so used to saying ‘Big up Beenie Man wherever in the world you are’ whenever I perform this song. But not last night!!! Last night he joined me on stage at the end of my performance and well, this dream of mine finally came true!!”

In another post, while continuing her Mother’s Day wishes, Alaine teased ‘See It Yah’ – a track featuring herself and Dexta Daps, due to be released on May 19. She wrote: “Sending Mother’s Day love to all mothers and others! ‘See It Yah’ drops on May 19… This one is special… pure love we a deal wid!”

Bounty Killer Visits Miss Ivy

For Dancehall icon Bounty Killer, Mother’s Day is not without its fair share of gloom. In 2012, the ‘Look Into My Eyes’ singer lost his beloved mother Ivy ‘Miss Ivy’ Williams to cancer. Ever since, the star has publicly and privately moved between overwhelming appreciation for her life, and overwhelming grief for the loss of it.

Bounty’s reflection on Mother’s Day saw him visiting Miss Ivy’s grave with a fresh bunch of flowers. In an Instagram post capturing the moment, Bounty poses with the flowers while stooping at her headstone. He contextualizes the occasion and also offers some advice with the caption: “Happiest Mother’s Day greetings to my mom and all the realm good genuine mothers out there today. Endless love goes out and people, do remember your mother, not only today, because every [day] is a Mother’s Day. We just happen to be celebrating it on this day. 11 years ago seem like just 11 days. Imagine that.”

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