Kenyan dynamic singing duo Rico Gang are back like they never left, this time round with a blistering hit dubbed ‘Mpoa’, which has since debuted on Spotify and other digital platforms.

True to their style, ‘Mpoa’ is another heat-raising tune from Rico Gang that will spark raging dance fever among their fans, because it’s a jam that  hits everyone really hard.

Performed with an upbeat tempo and a reverberating rhythm, ‘Mpoa’ is a song the Rico Gang intend to shake the Kenyan party scene with for a very long time.

With ‘Mpoa’, Rico Gang are bound to cause widespread raucous on the dancefloor every time the song gets played and given the vibe that this tune stirs up, very soon it will be on every lit DJ’s must-play list.

‘Mpoa’ is a song that resonates well with the partying generation and because of this, it’s highly probable that it will be treated to a warm reception by thousands of youths in Kenya and other countries around East Africa.

This particular project comes on the heels of Rico Gang’s other massive banger dubbed ‘Miondoko’ ft. Mbuzi Gang, which has since attracted over 5.8M YouTube and still counting; they thus cement their position among the leading musical groups in Kenya.Stroke the link above to stream ‘Mpoa’ by Rico Gang on Spotify  but remember, the song is also available on other digital platforms and is soon debuting on YouTube too.