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Since last week, video clips have been making rounds online showing how singer and songwriter Jamie Culture is struggling to find his footing.

The videos depicted the singer looking totally miserable and out of sorts as he seems to be challenged by a mental illness.

According to Qute Kaye, Jamie Culture is dealing with a drug relapse and needs to be checked into a rehabilitation center for not less than a period of six months if he is to stabilize and feel a lot better.

He went ahead to give an example of himself saying he also spent a period of a year in rehab before finding his footing and fully recovering from drug abuse.

Qute Kaye furthermore advised that when Jamie Culture is fully attended to and recovers from drug relapse he should change his environment for the better of his life.

He also hinted that such people who recover from drug abuse should seek God and pray more so that they don’t get close to friends who always make them smoke toxic substances.

YouTube video

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