Former Big Talent Entertainment singer Pia Pounds, born Tracy Kirabo, has opened up about how she used to struggle to afford rent until her “Tupaate” song became a big hit in the entertainment sphere.

The beautiful Pia Pounds let the world know about her struggles and challenges as she opened up in a sit-down interview with Galaxy FM’s Mr. Henrie on the Deep Talk show.

Pia Pounds narrated that before the Covid19 pandemic happened while still putting in the effort to become a star, she used to hawk juice and clothes in an effort to make ends meet.

Following the release of her banger, her life completely changed as she got bookings on a daily and started earning enough money to afford her own rent unlike in the past.

The song was too big for her to the extent that she managed to buy her first car after the Tupaate song became very huge on the market.

Tupaate financially changed my life. The song was big enough that I could now afford my rent. Before I couldn’t afford my rent. In order to make ends meet, I always sold juice and clothes before even the Covid-19 pandemic happened. The song also bought me my first car.

Pia Pounds

At the moment, Pia Pounds doesn’t regret the time she invested in music as a career and she is now reaping big.

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