Kamuli, (UG):- The Chief Magistrate Court in Kamuli District has convicted and sentenced Namuganza Suzan the woman who cut off her husband’s genitals to spend 15 years in jail over attempted murder.

Namuganza, a 40-year-old resident of Busana zone Nabirumba parish Nabwigulu sub county Kamuli district was convicted of causing bodily harm to Mr Kawubanya Moses Director of Serena Children’s Hope who is also the father of her five children.

Prior to her conviction, the state attorney Mr Akullo Charles asked the Chief Magistrate to sentence the convict for 30 years even though the maximum penalty for attempted murder is life imprisonment however she deserves the penalty based on the circumstances under which the offence committed and it being her first offence.

Mr Akullo also said that the victim has a permanent scar on his body and he will never enjoy sex again in his lifetime so he appealed to the court not to be lenient. “Your worship the victim is a husband to the convict he will never be able to produce children enjoy sex life, he is still a very young man”.

“Your worship the maximum penalty for attempted murder is life imprisonment and based on the circumstances under which the offence was committed we pray for 30 years in prison”; Mr Akullo said. 

However, Mr Daniel Muvumbuzi lawyer to Namuganza asked the Chief Magistrate to be lenient in her judgement because it is the first case and there were some misunderstandings and other domestic wrangles which prompted her to act harshly toward her husband and pleaded guilty hence asking for forgiveness.

Mr Muvumbuzi therefore asked for 10 years in prison instead of the 30 years asked by the state attorney. “Your worship the convict was much angered by the misunderstandings and other domestic wrangles. She however regrets the act because it has now turned into uncalled suffering. She prays for leniency from court and pleads never to do it again to any other man”.

“The 30 years prayed for by my brother the state attorney could be much the convict prays for 10 years in prison,” said Mr Muvumbuzi 

After listening to both parties the Chief Magistrate Ms Aisha Nabukeera adjourned the court for one hour and later in the afternoon she came back and read her ruling.

In her ruling, Ms Nabukeera said that having heard that the convict is a wife to the victim and they have five children, she did it through anger after misunderstandings at home she therefore sentenced her to 15 years in prison however both parties could apply for appeal in high court in 14 days.

“I have heard the plea from the state attorney and the Lawyer and at large from the victim. The convict did not disturb the court after accepting the case as charged, she is a wife to the victim and has five children”.

“Considering the fact that she has pleaded for forgiveness from the victim, the court noted it as a sign of resourcefulness. You will be charged with 15 years in prison however you have the right to apply for appeal in high court in fourteen days”.

Meanwhile, Mr Kawubanya Moses did not agree with the magistrate’s judgment and he said that is going to the high court for an appeal.

“Automatically am going to high court ” started Mr Kawubanya. “This not fair because the convict put a permanent scar on my body she could also be kept in prison for the rest of her life”; he said. 


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