By Wabusimba Amiri

Mubende, (UG): In a poignant ceremony attended by officials and colleagues, Mubende District Senior Education Officer Mr Balinda Kassimu Bisangabasaijja gracefully retired from his role upon reaching the mandatory retirement age of 60 years.

Mr Balinda, accompanied by the District Education Officer Mr Kabunga Asaph, Principal Internal Auditor Mr Kiwalabye Godfrey, and PHRO Mr Yiiki Stanley, officially handed over his duties to Mr Mabirizi Mohammed, who assumes the role of Acting Senior Education Officer.

In his farewell address, Mr Balinda expressed deep appreciation for the support and camaraderie of his colleagues throughout his career. “I am retired but not tired to work,” he affirmed, pledging continued support to his successors and the district’s educational mission.

The ceremony, marked by heartfelt tributes and expressions of gratitude, underscored his significant contributions to the district’s educational landscape.

Mr. Balinda’s career spanned various roles, beginning as a classroom teacher and progressing through the ranks to Head Teacher and inspector of Schools, culminating in his tenure as Senior Education Officer for the past seven years.

His leadership was characterized by a commitment to excellence and a profound impact on educational policies and practices within the district. He attributed his success to divine guidance and thanked God for enabling him to complete this prestigious journey.

Mr. Kabunga Asaph, the District Education Officer, commended Mr. Balinda for his exemplary service and leadership.

“Mr. Balinda’s retirement marks the end of an era characterized by dedication and integrity,” Mr. Asaph remarked, highlighting the profound influence Mr. Balinda had on shaping educational policies and fostering a conducive learning environment.

Principal Human Resource Officer Mr. Yiiki Stanley emphasized the significance of Mr. Balinda’s retirement at the mandatory age of 60. “Retiring after a fulfilling career is a testament to Mr. Balinda’s commitment to public service,” Mr. Stanley noted, urging him to continue inspiring others in his retirement.


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