Meek Mill

Meek Mill

Meek Mill offloads on 50 Cent for his comments about Diddy’s son, King Combs, following the younger Combs’ diss song, “Pick a Side.”

Christian Combs released the surprising single on Sunday, going directly at 50 Cent while addressing the recent raid on Diddy’s homes in Miami and Los Angeles, which saw the rap mogul’s sons being placed in handcuffs. It didn’t take long for Fifty to fire back at King, whom he called out for allegedly drugging women.

“I really don’t understand why they want to drug women, if she can’t remember how good it was the next morning How do you connect?” Fifty wrote in a tweet.

Meek Mill responded to that tweet by 50 Cent by questioning his motive for picking on King Combs, whom he called a “lil boy.” Meek wrote on X, “Because your federal the street ni***s in queens know that why you tryna pick on a lil boy … your own son hate your guts lol I’m so grateful to be on a island with my son and his friends on his bday.. don’t follow these guys they miserable lives be terrible.”

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“Yall ni***s 50 online beefing with kids … of course yall ni***s left all yall friends and family behind! Yall holding the culture back fr old hating manipulation niggas lol,” Meek wrote in another tweet that has since been deleted.

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In another deleted post, he called Fifty mentally sick, writing, “Owwwwww what I ran into 50 many times he only had monster around him that was risking his life and really holding the line! Nobody trusting 50 he too vicious … ni*** spoke on my child like this ni*** mentally sick lol.”

Meek Mill alleges 50 Cent cooperate

Meek Mill also alleges that 50 Cent is an informant who made statements against unnamed individuals. “I never seen black people laugh at black people getting indicted… he really be online enhancing people cases … and he got real statements against ni***s …. You aint feed Mike Knox yet… everybody on to you!” he wrote.

The Philly rapper has since deleted the tweets but 50 Cent has already got wind of them. The G-Unit rapper and Meek Mill have been beefing as a side effects of Fifty’s beef with Rick Ross, the head of Maybach Music Group, which Meek was signed to.

The New York rapper previously trolled Meek and Ross for their low album sales for their joint album, Too Good to Be True. The project was released on November 10, 2023, and sold around 31,000 album-equivalent units in the first week of release.

In the meantime, 50 Cent has made Diddy a longtime target of his on social media, and now the rap mogul’s son, Christian Combs, is at the receiving end of an onslaught from the G-Unit rapper.