According to singer Vivian Tendo, it is wrong to think that when an artist gets married, they lose a part of their fanbase.

Many times, critics in the entertainment business have advised established artists against getting married when their careers are at their peak.

Let your relationships be private, but not a secret, you’re human.

Vivian Tendo

They claim that fans love to see the artists single because it creates an urge about them and that they could lose such fans if they choose marriage midway through their careers.

Well, Vivian Tendo who got engaged in January says all that is propaganda and there is no truth to it.

The former Route Entertainment singer says that the narrative is created to negatively influence society and create a stigma against marriage.

She gives examples of some local and international artists who have become married midway through their careers and are still pursuing successful careers.

Tendo then encourages artists not to take such public opinions seriously but to rather follow their goals and build their families how they envision them.

It’s quite unfortunate that we live in a society influenced by negative rhetorical narratives. Many artists are bound to pressure and live by public influence due to the stigma created against marriage for fear to lose their fan base.

Wait! Who said that fans attend our gigs for a marriage proposal? Just to mention but a few power couples, do you believe that Bobi Wine, Bebe Cool, Rema, and Cindy are marriage role models? Nameless, Wahu, Bien, Chiki in Kenya? Jay-Z and Beyonce in the USA.

Well, I just wanted to send out a word to encourage my fellow female artists, don’t yield to public opinion. Build your family & career legacy with solid affirmation and enthusiasm. And by the way, a side gig other than music is being wise.

Let your relationships be private, but not a secret, you’re human. Celebrate your marriage, your hubby, or your wifey. Let children enjoy moments with their father and mother without fear of how neighbors would feel or say. All shall be well with your fans!

Vivian Tendo

Josh Ruby is an Editor with high interest and knowledge in the Ugandan entertainment space, an industry he has been actively part of since 2010. Leads to breaking stories are welcome!

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