The conference discussed the challenges in the Legal framework, Security of tenure, Innovations and Workable solutions in Land management and Administration among others.

In his address, the Lord Mayor stated that the challenges in Land administration are mainly a result of the breach of Public trust by officials and entrusted bodies.

He cited the provisions of the constitution that created the Uganda Land Commission(ULC) with a mandate to hold and manage Public Land in trust, but instead the commission has gone on an allocation spree, creating leases in ecologically sensitive areas like swamps and forests against the express provisions of the law.

The Lord Mayor said Public officials including the President have turned themselves into Land Lords of Public land, with allocation directives in breach of public trust, this he added is the impunity that need to be stopped to restore sanity in Public land administration.

He said he has since requested the Kampala District Land Board to allocate KCCA five acres of Land to plant the Lord Mayor’s Urban Forest, akin to what other metropolis have but to no avail, yet public school land, swamps continue to be a target of land grabbers in the City.

The conference that drew participants from different sectors in the City was attended by; The State Minister for Kampala Hon. Kabuye Kyofatogabye, MPs, Executive Director KCCA, CIty Ministers and other stakeholders.