How to Prepare for a Job Interview in Under 10 Minutes

In this tutorial, I will give you three quick but crucial tips that will help you impress the hiring manager in your job interview.

  1. Prepare your response to the “Tell me about yourself” question using the S.E.A.T. format:
    • S – Skills you can bring to the role
    • E – Experience you have that is relevant to the role
    • A – Achievements you have had in your career
    • T – Type of person you are, including your values and work ethic
  2. Use powerful words and sentences to make yourself attractive as a potential employee. Here are eight words to use when describing yourself in your interview:
    • Initiative
    • Reliable
    • Collaborative
    • Adaptable
    • Proactive
    • Efficient
    • Innovative
    • Resilient
  3. Ask these three questions at the end of your interview to show your interest in the company and impress the hiring manager:
    1. Can you tell me more about the company culture and values?
    2. What are some of the key challenges the company is facing, and how does this role fit into addressing those challenges?
    3. What are the next steps in the interview process?

I can assist you in passing any job interview and negotiating your salary. Feel free to check out my LinkedIn linked below. It would be a pleasure to connect with like-minded professionals like you. Best of luck with your job interviews!

Have a great day!

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