Jamaican social media personality and entertainer, LA Lewis, has been locked up after the Jamaica Constabulary Force was alerted to a self-implicating video, in which Lewis breached a toll barrier at the St. Catherine toll, was posted to his Instagram page.

In the 30-second clip, Horace ‘LA’ Lewis appears to have been caught up in a short line of traffic at the toll and, after expressing an unwillingness to wait, decided to take matters into his own hands.

He says in the now viral video, while alternating between his front-facing and back cameras: “Seet ya people, di emperor people, mi do wa mi feel like… Mi inna da toll ya people, and it a tek too long.” 

Lewis steers his vehicle away from the traffic and approaches the Electronic Toll Collection lane – reserved for motorists in possession of an e-pass card. He appears not to have one, but drives up to the horizontal bar, and forces his car through.

In the video, as makes his way through, Lewis can be heard saying: “Mi run mi owna destiny people, so people, mi a guh through di tag line people. A di emperor, yuh understand?!” he exclaimed. 

As his car raises the horizontal arm up and over the windscreen, setting off the toll alarm, Lewis declares: “So mi do so now boom! And mi run through di tag line people! And a it dat people!”

Lewis’ original post was on Tuesday, May 2. Three days later, the JCF announced that LA Lewis was in custody.

In an Instagram post indicating that Lewis was arrested earlier today for breaching the Toll Authority Act, the JCF shared: “…[He] was arrested by officers from the Public safety and Traffic Enforcement Branch.”

Detailing that Lewis social media post went a far way in aiding his arrest, the JCF noted: “This arrest comes after Mr. Lewis recorded and published a video on social media, in which he is seen breaching the toll barrier in St. Catherine.” 

Social media users familiar with Lewis’ often unsupported and claims, flocked to the JFC’s post, and appeared to troll the self-proclaimed 7 Star General and member of the British Royal Family.

“No dis a setup cause dem nuh want him go a him uncle (King) Charles crowning… dem wicked eeh” one user posted, referencing Lewis’ claims that he would be personally attending King Charles’ coronation.

Another user demanded: “Free the queen grandson!”

Other users, who took Lewis’ breach more seriously, were grateful to the JCF. One such user explained: “Thank you JCF for doing a good job. This level of lawlessness can not continue. The ones who find it funny are the ones who continue to support this behavior.”

While it is unclear if Lewis has been released, his Instagram account remained active, showing the, yet again, self-proclaimed Maroon Emperor, responding to an article in the Jamaica Star titled ‘Toll road CEO blasts LA Lewis for breaking barrier’.

Posting a screenshot of the article, Lewis’ account captioned a response, writing: “U are a CEO, am a Emperor chek woo is bigga. I can do wat I wants, u need to apalagize to me now bout u blast. Blast wooo? Peeple as ur fewtraa pryme menista, if u drivin on d tull n hav nooo moni jus use d tag. Sign n haprove by Emperor Horace Lewis El Bey…”

The post appears to confirm some social media users’ suspicions that Lewis may have breached the toll due to a lack of funds.

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