Former Crystal Palace owner, Simon Jordan has called for the audio of the row between Jurgen Klopp and referee Paul Tierney to be released, insisting that either the refereeing body, PGMOL, or the Liverpool manager are ‘liars’.

Klopp is set to be charged by the FA after he accused Tierney of having an agenda against Liverpool following the Reds’ Premier League dramatic 4-3 win over Tottenham Hotspur on Sunday.

The German had claimed Tierney said something ‘unacceptable to him,’ while PGMOL accused the Liverpool coach of lying as they said they had listened back to Tierney’s audio from the encounter and that the referee acted in a ‘professional manner throughout’.

The drama started on Sunday evening when Klopp rushed over to celebrate striker Diogo Jota’s stoppage-time winner in front of fourth official John Brooks – and he was given a yellow card by Tierney.

Speaking on the development, Jordan told talkSPORT that Klopp should be ‘made to account for what he is alleging’, adding that PGMOL should release the audio to prove their side of the story.

He said, “I think he [Klopp] should be made to account for what he’s alleging. If you’re going to say something then say it. It is cowardly that he didn’t.

“If you want to go full in and make the observation then do it. He did not need to bring Tierney’s observations in, but he brought them in.

“They have got audio, so it is a matter of fact. He has just called a referee biased.”

He added, “This is a significant allegation by Klopp about impropriety from a referee, which questions the integrity of a professional and, if he is right, I want the referee consequenced.

“If he is wrong then I want him consequenced. Someone the PGMOL are either blatant liars because they have reviewed the video or Jurgen Klopp is.”

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