Recently, we have seen Kadongo Kamu artists expressing their dismay with artists re-doing their songs without permission.

Some of the re-dos that were released by the current artists were applauded by the public whereas others were trashed by critics saying they instead damaged the classic songs.

A case in point was Sheebah and Daddy Andre’s Sam Wange re-do which saw the media bash it despite Andre revealing the reasons why it was redone.

Many more artists have also aired their dissatisfaction with the UgaTunes App team to which they sold their music saying they promised to pay them but no one has ever received their monies as they were promised.

Speaking about re-doing artists’ music, Michael Mugwanya alias King Michael has warned rising and established artists against re-doing his music without his consent.

He explains that if he ever hears anyone re-do with his music, he won’t bother going to courts of law but he will deal with that individual personally and he will tell his story to the rest who plan to play around with his music.

He notes that for anyone to re-do his music, they have to get the rights from him and he has to listen to the song before it is aired on any media outlet.

Recently Halima Namakula also issued a stern warning to media outlets threatening to drag them to courts of law in case they play a re-do of her music that has been recorded without her consent.

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