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Jerry Seinfeld's Graduation Speech Protested, Pro-Palestine Students Walk Out

Jerry Seinfeld Protest at Commencement … Pro-Palestine Walk Out

Jerry Seinfeld‘s commencement speech got off to a rocky start … ’cause dozens of people walked out during his introduction — with many holding Palestinian flags.

The actor-comedian — who is Jewish and has supported Israel throughout its war against Hamas — was set to give the commencement address at Duke University when a whole bunch of people jumped up and walked out.

student walkout at Duke university commencement as Jerry Seinfeld’s speech is announced. his introduction by university president is being drowned out by “free free Palestine” chants ❤️‍🔥🇵🇸

— the great clown snorman (@iamschvitzing) May 12, 2024 @iamschvitzing

Check out the clip … it’s a sizable group of students who leave the address, and they’re met with a mixture of cheers and jeers as they leave. So, pretty mixed reaction we’d say.

Jerry still gave his speech … though it does not appear he addressed the moment while he spoke — instead focusing on his pre-planned speech and cracking light hearted jokes.

JS and his wife Jessica have been outspoken advocates of Israel since the country was attacked by terrorists on October 7 of last year.

Jerry traveled to Israel last year to meet with families of hostages taken during the Oct. 7 attacks last year … and, protesters heckled him on the streets of NYC in February — so, he’s not new to the controversy.

Of course, tensions between Israel and Palestine supporters have exploded on college campuses over the past month … with encampments — and riots — springing up at prominent schools like Columbia and UCLA.

Seems Jerry found his way into the fray too … and, it seems people can expect protests like these to continue for a while longer.

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