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By Kabuye Ronald

Nestled amidst the breathtaking hill of Matanga in Masaka city, lies the captivating Hill View Primary School Matanga. This educational institution, with its rich short history and commitment to excellence, has become a beacon of knowledge for this generation of pupils. In this story, we will embark on a revelation journey to discover the wonders that Hill View Primary School Matanga has to offer, the billions of shillings so far injected in it and the real proprietor of this international level school despite offering a local curriculum.

Founded in January, 2023, Hill View Primary School Matanga has proved to be a hub of academic brilliance.

One of the distinguishing features of Hill View Primary School is its remarkable infrastructure. The school boasts of 20 modern classrooms equipped with the latest technology, spacious libraries brimming with a vast collection of books, and well-equipped laboratories that foster a love for scientific exploration.

The school firmly believes in nurturing the overall development of each child. Alongside a rigorous academic curriculum, students engage in a wide range of co-curricular activities, including games, sports, aerobics, music, dance and drama with each having a facility and community service. These activities allow students to develop their talents, build confidence, and foster a well-rounded personality.

At the heart of Hill View Primary School’s success story is its exceptional team of teachers. These passionate educators are not only well-versed in their respective subjects but also possess a genuine commitment to nurturing young minds. Their innovative teaching methods and personalized attention ensure that every pupil receives a well-rounded education.

In addition to exploring and exposing the pupils to the adventure, the school organizes regular educational trips to this natural wonder, allowing students to connect with nature and learn about the importance of environmental conservation and other adventurous areas at the local, regional and international levels.

The things said about the school, prompted our team to do an in depth research which proved that in just a space of 8 months since its inception in January 2023, over 2 billion shillings has been invested in the school in terms of educational services and the infrastructure. And revealed that a 30 year old Buganda based journalist, life coach and business man who mainly deals in hardware stores Ssentogo Fredrick Lugonvu alias Mwana wa Taata is the proprietor of Hill View Primary school Matanga that has breathed a new needed education life in Masaka city and in the country at large.

Buganda based journalist, life coach and business man who mainly deals in hardware stores Ssentogo Fredrick Lugonvu alias Mwana wa Taata with Hill View primary school Matanga pupils at Entebbe Airport

The investigation also revealed  that the school is systematically run starting from the board of directors, School management committee, head teacher and his deputies, heads of department, teachers and non-teaching staff and pupil’s leaders and that its grand opening will be on 30th, November 2023 where details of the owner will be unveiled to the public.

At Hill View Primary School Matanga, Pupils are only required to clear school fees and their personal necessities as for the other requirements like school uniform, mattresses, basins, jerry cans, and others are provided at school

The school is erecting a new three stored flat building and at its conclusion it will have a capacity of over 3000 boarding pupils.

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