Some of the guests enjoying the whisky tasting. Photo/ Edgar R. Batte

They say real cooking is more about following your heart than following recipes. Saturday evening saw the sun go down just as guests waltzed into Salama Springs Apartments and down to the gardens which were decorated in green and white, with a touch of gold.
For a change, it was not a red but rather green carpet affair as guests walked to the welcome areas by the crystal blue swimming pool. Adjacent to it were pretty ladies picking drinks and serving them to patrons as Solome Basuuta musically pierced the air with her gratifying voice.

Different companies and friends had turned up to a delicious battle of two chefs – Eve and Faith – whose competition became the delight of the audience who were glad to enjoy their culinary choices.
The food was paired with different blends of Singleton whisky. To enlighten the evening’s eager connoisseurs, was Marcus Kwikiriza, the Reserve Brand Ambassador at Uganda Breweries Limited, who did not let us in on how to taste the drink and letting it take an almost entire cyclic touch of the entire pallet for appreciation followed by a bite of food with sweet and creamy notes. All this to make us appreciate how the drink sat in.

The starter comprised of seven cheese croquettes, fermented and pickled root vegetable served with Singleton then dry aged sirloin steak, red wine glazed carrots and whisky just whose flavour of cream cut through the zesty fruitiness of the 12-year-old brewed whisky.
Three courses were served and a blend suggested for each for pairing. The Scottish do not only export their famous whisky but it is a story too.
For example, it is the only country in the world where whisky preparation is in their constitution.

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