The Ugandan party scene is booming with a spanking new video dubbed ‘So’ by music genius Daddy Andre, which debuted on YouTube today, shortly after he dropped the audio a few days ago.

A studio project that is bound to rattle the airwaves and streets for longer than anyone can ever anticipate, ‘So’ is a dancehall jam that befits an international audience!

With ‘So’, Daddy Andre, who has over time proved that he shall forever be an illustrious artist, returns to the limelight in a resounding crescendo, poised to elevate the auditory landscape with this scintillating jam.

It’s a song that has all potential to fire up your spirits, no matter what time of the day it’s played, because the beats, rhythm and tempo make ‘So’ an explosive combination.

A multi-award-winning artist, Daddy Andre once again thrills the nation with another showcase of his unwavering creativity whenever it comes to his musical craft.

Actually, if you listen closely to ‘So’, you will get convinced that this isn’t just a mere musical composition, but an unequivocal celebration of dancehall music.

Take this moment to tap the link above to stream ‘So’ on YouTube and you will thank us later!