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Renowned media personality and singer Crysto Panda, legally known as Herbert Kityamuweesi, has no kind words for fellow artists who accuse him of sabotaging music playlists on his TV shows.

The Kyoyina Omanya fame singer explains that has never dictated the kind of music that should be played on his TV shows as he has often been accused.

He goes ahead to note that he plays his TV hosting show role honestly without being biased against any musician and maintains that he will always continue being positive about fellow artists despite the negative comments made about him.

He further defends himself by stating that he never plays music at his shows as he always has DJs who play music and challenged any DJ he has worked with to openly hold him accountable if he has ever ordered them to play a particular style of music.

Those are stupid artists. Do you know why? Because I don’t mix my music with my work. I don’t play music on TV. At every show I host, I always have a DJ who plays music. I never tell the DJ what to play.

If there is any DJ I’ve worked with and have given ever given orders on what to do, he should come open and pin me for that. I always want the DJ to play music as requested by the viewers and fans and I get to understand the power of that particular artist.

Crysto Panda

Crysto Panda says that if it was the case of not wishing his other fellow artists good, he wouldn’t be playing their music on his shows after stating how a number of TV presenters who double as musicians have tried promoting their own music and failed.

He told artists that they should look out for DJs in order for them to play music without having any excuses or biases.

He lost his cool and blasted the artists who claim so and labeled them ‘stupid’ for their accusations.

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