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Kwezi Kaganda Ruhinda's journey in crafting unforgettable characters in Ugandan stories

Transforming a simple story, personal experience, or event into a captivating TV drama or theatre production requires a special skill set. Acclaimed actor, writer, director, and teacher Kwezi Kaganda Ruhinda joins Flavia Tumusiimeon MultiChoice’s Home of Our Stars to divulge the creative process behind crafting unforgettable characters and bringing them to life on stage and screen. In…


Sanyu – The Drama series whose wave Ugandans will continue to resonate with

In the thick of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Nabwiso family birthed a production that has gone on to entertain several Ugandan families both in and out of the country. The drama series premiered on 2nd January 2020 on Pearl Magic Prime before cascading to air on Pearl Magic. With over 80 episodes and four seasons, Sanyu which has over…

mulokole,-the-onscreen-character-that-makes-pearl-magic’s-mizigo express

Mulokole, the onscreen character that makes Pearl Magic’s Mizigo Express

Appearing on television often blurs the lines between a performer’s on-screen persona and their real-life identity. Renowned actors like Hellen Lukoma, Housen Mushema, Anne Kansiime, and Jason Statham exemplify this phenomenon. Their compelling characters on screen seamlessly intertwine with their authentic personalities, making it challenging for audiences to discern where the actor ends and the character begins.…

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