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Viral sensation Maria Mutoni, aka Shifrah, dreams of opening beauty salon after 'Hozambee' fame

Skip to content Known widely for appearing in the viral “Hozambee” video, Maria Mutoni, commonly known as Shifrah, dreams of opening her beauty salon. D Star’s song “Hozambee” is a sensation far across the East African region. The song that started as a mere TikTok challenge is now one of…


MP Betty Nambooze urges public to reject explicit lyrics in music

Skip to content Currently, D Star’s song Hozambee/Shifura is dominating the airwaves across East Africa with thousands of social media challenges made using her audio. The song that has also attracted fellow dancehall singer Mudra to make a remix and visuals has, however, been faced with heavy criticism. From netizens,…


Lil Pazo congratulates D Star for trending success, acknowledges industry's constant influx of talent

Skip to content Lil Pazo, known for his hit songs “Genda Ogule Emotoka” and the currently trending “Enkudi” has expressed his good wishes towards fellow trending star D Star of the “Hozambee/Shifura” song. Lil Pazo, who has been singing for over seven years says he has always been open and…

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