Brick & Lace — the Jamaican duo of Nyla and Nyanda Thorbourne, who are best known for their 2007 track Love Is Wicked — will be making a comeback to Dancehall.

Nyanda explained that the decision to return to the scene was birthed only a couple of weeks ago when the sisters were honored at the annual Queens of Reggae Island Honorary Ceremony (QORIHC) and Ball at the Courtleigh Auditorium in New Kingston.

“I think it was being on the red carpet together in Jamaica the other day, and we were like, ‘you know what, we can do this….we’re still fire!’ (It was a) we can take the place again type vibe. People still have love for us and us for the fans,” she told DancehallMag.

This year’s honourees also included Althea Laing; Bridget Anderson; Jenny Jenny; Lorna Wainwright; Debbie Bissoon; Susan Simes; Pamputtae; Sharon Schroeter; Monica Jackson; Gem Myers; Yendi Phillip; Sher Luxury Doll; Terminal 4 Medial; Donna Hope, and Neahlis.

Nyanda, who is also a mother, has tried her hand at a solo career, which included a four-song EP in 2021, which featured the title track All Fruits Ripe with Stonebwoy

With her realigned focus to bring back the sensation that was Brick & Lace, Nyanda went public on Monday (April 24), announcing on Instagram that they wanted to build a team from scratch inclusive of management, promoters, agents, writers, and producers. 

She revealed that the feedback has been way more than they anticipated.

“A lot of people have reached out. We’re a bit overwhelmed actually. Sifting through and we’re like, ‘What the hell is happening?!’ But it’s a good thing. We’re grateful for the response. It shows people are interested in the brand,” Nyanda said.

The singer added that move means heading back into the recording booth to produce fresh material.

“We do have music that we can just drop now, and it’s timeless; but we also wanna get back in the studio and see what new vibe we can cook up. We definitely don’t want to overthink it,” Nyanda said.

Brick and Lace

It was just February that Nyla spoke out about why Love Is Wicked wasn’t getting airplay on American radio stations, despite the fact that the song has been trending on TikTok with thousands of users using its hook to poke fun at themselves and their relationship woes.

Nyla pointed out that many disc jockeys would play songs that were also on Lenky Marsden’s Diwali Riddim during a segment, but snub Love Is Wicked.

Nyanda defended her sister’s stance, noting that several foreign outlets have recognized the track, yet, some radio stations in the US continue to undermine it.

“She’s generally talking about the plays Love is Wicked gets on mainstream radio in the US. Even Shaderoom acknowledges Love Is Wicked as one of the classic records on the Diwali riddim. US radio can show more love for sure,” she told DancehallMag.

Love Is Wicked, the second single from Brick & Lace’s debut album of the same title, was released via international recording artist-producer Akon’s KonLive Distribution label in 2007.

The album featured other hit tracks like Never Never and Get That Clear.

They followed up with Bad To Di Bone in 2009.

Since then, the Jamaican Dancehall scene has definitely evolved, and with these changing times, Nyanda was quizzed on whether the duo is ready to adapt to please their dynamic audience.

She was pretty confident in her response noting, “If it’s controversy and passa passa di people dem want, I’m not sure Brick & Lace is the ticket. We’ll bring the drama in the music.”

In 2021, the sisters debuted their Love Is Wicked merchandise line to include their sister Tasha.  

Nyanda disclosed that for the foreseeable future, their career will remain within the realms of family, but they are not opposed to collaborating with other singers.

“Not focused on any specific collab right now. If something happens organically, we’re hundred percent open. We love and respect talented artists worldwide. Would  love to introduce vocals of our sisters Tasha and Candace and possibly drop something from the Bloodline vault,” she said.

With many years of ins and outs in the music industry, Nyanda is also encouraging young female artists to hone their craft so as to maximize their full potential.

“Get a good team around you. Use up all the resources for exposure but keep some mystique. Try to match your audio art to a visual presentation; image is important. [The] music biz has aspects of compromise. Know the lines you are not willing to cross and listen to your gut.”

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