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Bounty Killer Says He Was Battling Serious Illness During VERZUZ, Underwent Surgery One Year Later

Bounty Killer has disclosed that during his iconic Versus performance against Beenie Man in 2020, he was contending with a serious illness, which eventually led to surgery a year later at the University Hospital of the West Indies.

In an Instagram post on Wednesday, the Warlord shared a photo revealing his abdomen, showcasing an incision running from his belly button downwards. The incision was lined with surgical staples, which are usually used after major surgery to close large, open wounds, help them heal faster, and reduce scar appearance.

He noted that back in May 2011, he was hospitalized and underwent surgery, but that afterwards, during the subsequent recovery period, unbeknownst to his fans, he resumed his regular activities as if nothing had occurred.

“The first I’m sharing this with the public.  3yrs ago in may 2021 I did a major surgery and with the mercy of God I was able to be healed and full recovered in less than one year.  Different type of struggles.  Don’t compare my life or try comprehend it,” he noted.

“Give thanks to my family close friends the doctors nurses and staff at the University Hospital Toney Twaits Ward particularly.  Life is a journey not a destination.  If you can’t run walk if you can’t walk then creep but don’t stop until you drop I was out here jumping and prancing during the whole healing process in the pandemic like a mutant,” he added.

Bounty revealed that he was indeed ill during his appearance on VERZUZ, replying “Yes, I were”, after a fan asked him: “Hold up so you were ill while giving up that epic moment on versus? Now that’s a legend”.

He also heaped more praises on the medical team at the UHWI after another fan thanked him for showing gratitude to them.”

“Without them I might would not be here god blesses their hands and bright minds continually,” he stated.

According to Bounty, he had no reservations about revealing that he was ill, as this is something which is a part of life.

“I kept no secrets from my real friends and fans health issues is inevitable to anyone it’s ntn to be ashamed of especially when it’s of natural causes👏🏿,” he stated.

His Dancehall compatriots including Wayne Marshall, Spice, Professor Donna Hope of the University of the West Indies, and others all hailed the Its Ok artist for how he dealt with his period of adversity, while his fans declared him blessed.

“You are a God sent the blood of Jesus over you every day, me general God not going to give you more than what you can bear, just buy you talking to the people of Jamaica.  You don’t know how much you are doing just continue to do the work, one love mie general,” one woman wrote.

“Sadly we are all going through struggles that few know about. Here’s a reminder to always be kind. Happy you pulled through and hopefully all is well,” another stated, while one woman added: “Smh, people don’t even know the struggle. But when you almost lose your life you see things different. Give thanks, God is good.”

While some fans speculated about the type of surgery Bounty had undergone, some simply declared that they were thankful that he lived to tell the tale.

“Thankful that you survive whatever complications you were dealing with and also thankful that you are recovering well! To God be the Glory!! Continue to LEAD, GENERAL! Continue to inspire and push this generation to Greatness! God never makes mistakes your life is a living Testimony! Big up yuself Rodney blessings to you!” one man said.

In the meantime, Bounty is revelling in a new moniker which his fans have bestowed upon him: “Mr Jamaica”, adding to his Poor People Governor, Grung Gad and the Warlord.

He gleefully shared the news of his newest title a few days ago and declared that his fans are “fantastic”.

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