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Singer Bebe Cool maintains that Bobi Wine’s wealth is not significant and that he did not make more money from music than he has made from politics.

Bobi Wine and Bebe Cool’s beef starts many years ago from music and when the former switched to politics, his nemesis followed suit.

While appearing on BABA TV’s ‘Ganga Muka’ show, the Gagamel boss said Bobi Wine does not qualify to be mentioned among the wealthy people in Uganda.

He gave a scenario of a man who helps his neighbors with the little he has and one that just saves the money and never helps those around him, and asked which of the two should be considered wealthy.

He then emphasized that Bobi Wine is not a rich man because he keeps most of his money and does not use it to help the people around him.

Bebe Cool gave an example of his own charity projects under Amber Hearts Foundation which helps several sick children and compared it to Bobi who donates a few household items once in a while.

He further noted that the little wealth Bobi Wine has immersed in the last few years is mostly from politics because he did not make much from music.

Being wealthy is not about how much money you have but it’s about how much money you spend. When mentioning people who are wealthy, never talk about Bobi Wine. He left music and joined politics. The little money he has is from politics. From music, he only had a small house and the beach.

I can access his assets, the land he has bought, farms, I can access all that because I do my research and I am aware that he has now made some money from politics. Museveni pays him Ugx3B annually for his party. He might be spending about Ugx1.5B and keeping the rest. He collects money from people for the NUP card, MPs, Councilors, and foreigners.

Bebe Cool

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