Beenie Man’s Alleged ‘Parental Absence’ Happened When He Was With Krystal Tomlinson

Dancehall Queen Carlene Smith says Beenie Man’s alleged parental absence ran from 2016 to 2021, coincidentally the same period he was in a relationship with public speaker Krystal Tomlinson.

The ‘Butterfly’ creator and the ‘King of the Dancehall’ share a 24-year-old daughter, Crystal Davis.

“Beenie Man became a different father to my child at 16 or 17, and it affected her a little bit because she wasn’t accustomed to that,” Smith said on a Nationwide 90fm show yesterday. “He wasn’t there physically, mentally, financially or any other ‘ally’… The ending of 2015 to 2016, it started to escalate into real weirdness where she wasn’t even seeing him at all. 2017, it double up…”

“For the last year now, two years, my daughter is now happy again with her father… She’s at the University of the West Indies, where the school fee nuh cheap, and last year, Moses ‘Beenie Man’ Davis has stepped up to the plate, and I have less hassle on my financial strain – her school fee is covered… I’m telling you, that almost five-year period affected my child and it’s not about monetary stuff, she wanted more.”

From left, Beenie Man with daughter Crystal and her mother DHQ Carlene Smith

Beenie Man and Tomlinson’s romance featured a social media campaign that portrayed him as a family-oriented man. From Tomlinson sharing videos of taking his children Ikyra and Mosiah to school, to them going on family vacation, all seemed picture-perfect in the Davis household, except Crystal was absent from the photo-ops. When asked why her daughter was missing from a family retreat in 2020, Smith claimed she wasn’t invited.

“She was not invited because there’s nothing that he offered her to come, that she’s not there… It might be an oversight, don’t know. There’s things she has forced herself into because I’m the kind of person who don’t want if she chooses to, (I) say no. I never, ever got between herself and her dad – it’s not my place and especially after 18, you’re now an adult. You can choose for yourself and the love she have for him, she will forgive him, always, no matter what happened.”

The parenting skills of the Who Am I deejay have been publicized over the years, with his daughter Desha-Gaye first blasting him in 2017 for not “stepping up to the plate,” even voicing her dislike for Tomlinson.

The father and daughter have since restored their relationship, even going on double dates with his current girlfriend Camille Lee, like last night when they celebrated Desha-Gaye’s birthday.

But the absentee label persists despite ‘the Doctor’ hailing himself a good father. Just this week, Smith and D’Angel spoke about the impact of absentee fathers, referencing their experiences with Beenie Man. D’Angel, his ex-wife, mothers his 16-year-old son Marco Dean and claims he’s fallen short of his parental responsibilities.

As for Smith, she credited the entertainer for all he did before Crystal turned 17.

“My daughter went to Hillel [Academy] for five years, he paid that school fee, so, I wouldn’t lie on the situation,” she said. “Yes, there are times when you know like how you woulda say the one time yuh nuh do it, it might really matter? Because at the end of the day, if a father doesn’t do it, the mother has to… Let’s be real. If you pay the school fee, that’s one issue. Remember, there’s probably rent, there’s light, there’s water for the child to be with the mother… Food is everyday, you don’t eat food once a month or occasionally…”

Beenie Man with some of his children. From left, Marco Dean, Ikyra, Mosiah, Xiah and Moses (Jr)

She continued, “Before she was 17 and me need any bill pay, it would be covered. His responsibility at the time was the major stuff… I say, ‘Beenie Man, you do the educational part, and I will take the rest’. Now, she had a sickness problem, won’t go into it, we know when that chip in, you cover this, and he did up until she was still in high school, although she was 17, and the tables turned.”

Though she never mentioned Tomlinson’s name nor insinuated she was the reason for his alleged distance, Smith said a woman should embrace a man’s children if she chooses to be in his life. Tomlinson has a preschooler with Beenie Man.

“I’ve never seen him choose nobody over him child publicly, or what I am aware of, but the story goes where some things just don’t happen and as a woman, you going tend to wonder what kinda woman him deh wid weh yuh come see him wid him bunch a pickney dem. I feel like if you tek the man, yuh tek the whole package.”

Tomlinson and Beenie Man announced their split in January 2021.

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