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Beenie Man Says He And Camille Vowed To Reunite If They Were Ever Single At the Same Time

Do you know those fairytale vows that people make to be together should they both be single at a certain time of their life? Beenie Man says “that’s exactly what happened” when it comes to his love story with businesswoman and fiancée Camille McIntosh. 

“A 22 years now me know her and mi love her from then, but then she have her own life fi live and me have my own life fi live,” Mr. Girls Dem Sugar recently told Dutty Berry. “At the time, me is a man never plan fi give no bun, but me did like her… Me did have a woman at the time and she did have a man at the time, and she never plan fi give bun either, so me a tell her seh anytime she free and me free, we ready.”

Per their social media posts since 2021, Beenie and Camille tried their hand at being an item 23 years ago, but for reasons unknown to the public, it didn’t work. Incidentally, the timeline coincides with when the Row the Boat deejay split from Dancehall Queen Carlene Smith, with whom he shares one child. Camille would go on to marry prominent event promoter Cawka Lee and migrate to England. The two lasted 20 years before heading to divorce court.

On local soil, Beenie’s love life was a bit more colorful, dating D’Angel – the ex of his former rival Bounty Killer – and going on to tie the knot in 2006 to much public spectacle. That marriage yielded one child, but would also end in divorce.

Beenie Man and D’Angel at their wedding reception in 2006.

By 2016, Beenie was in another high-profile relationship with public speaking coach Krystal Tomlinson. That, too, bore one child, but crashed and burned in 2021. Cupid did its thing as Beenie and Camille happened to both be single that year.

“Me see her wah day yah and mi free and she free, so mi seh a my time now.” 

Their story started in St. Andrew South decades ago, as told by Camille in a 2021 Instagram Live.

“I’ve known Moses (Beenie Man) from childhood days, from Craig Town, Jones Town, because a Jones Town me come from – from Crooks Street – and Moses from Craig Town, so I’ve known Moses from then…” she said.

It’s among the things Beenie loves about her – she knew him before his celebrity and isn’t looking for clout. Though he acknowledged that he had many options, he wasn’t going to let the opportunity to snag his longtime crush slip away. 

“I am a charming person; mi nah fi use lyrics fi charm people… I am a very handsome man and women like handsome people, and then mi have money too fi go with it.”

Yet, “Yuh haffi have a woman as a man, but who is the woman weh yuh a go have? You don’t want a woman weh a go just spend off your money and maggle and outta road with bagga people and all dem things deh. Yuh want a woman weh a go mek you look better.”

Camille continues to deliver in that regard, helping to organise his business dealings locally, and even doing the interior design of his Simma restaurant in Kingston. 

“When me plan fi do this and she plan fi get behind it, it’s the greatest thing cause mi know seh she nah fail me,” the Rum and Redbull act said. “Anything mi tell her fi do, mi know seh she a do. We have people weh manage the business and manage the music business and everything, and it coming like a Camille a do the management because she do everything… My manager nuh live a Jamaica; him is an American…so everything weh haffi deal with out here, Camille deal with that.”

The two received mixed feedback upon announcing their engagement in January, but ‘The Doctor’ – who doesn’t own a mobile phone to be sucked into unsolicited opinions – has said it would be senseless to not pursue marriage with the woman you love

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