Alkaline delivers new music for his fans ahead of the release of his new album. The Vendetta deejay has been quietly working on his third project over the past year, following the release of his EP, The Ripple EFFX.

On Monday (May 13), Alkaline unleashed his new song “Surveillance” which was co-produced by his label Autobamb Records and Sartout Records. The track is also Alkaline’s eighth release since the start of the year. The Young Lawd is meticulous with his music releases, so it’s no surprise he has not released new songs at the same rate as most other active artists in dancehall.

“Gyal yuh just look so damn good, like a lady should/ Really have me hypnotize when you revolutionize/ Yuh figure, nuh figuree/ Mi lace it like shoes/ Love it you can tell/ Nuh warrant, charge, dem nave nothing pon you, this a supm else,” Alka spits.

Alkaline, who has a cult-like following in dancehall, released his first album, New Level Unlocked, in 2016, for which he received rave reviews. His second project, Top Prize, was released in 2021. Sources inside the Vendetta camp told Urban Islandz that his third album is set to be released later this year. The album has yet to get a title or official release date.

In the meantime, fans are reacting to Alkaline’s new single, “Surveillance,” with the vast majority of fans loving the new single. “Song prove Alka is the most consistent artist in dancehall dropping quality music you can vibe to, quality over quantity,” one fan said. Another wrote, “There is much to be said about Alkaline longevity in dancehall, the man versatile never giving us the same music, always a vibe.”

Listen to “Surveillance” below.