Senator-elect, Abdulrahman Kawu Sumaila, on Thursday, called on the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu to allow lawmakers choose leaders who would pilot the affairs of the 10th National Assembly.

Kawu Sumaila, elected to represent Kano South tasked in a statement said having fought for democracy, the president-elect must exercise the principles of democracy and separation of powers.

“The National Assembly is a constitutional representation where every part of Nigeria is represented to foster development through lawmaking process and advance the will of the people”.

“Our democracy will benefit significantly if the legislature performs its primary duties of law-making and oversight functions against the Executive and pursues a vision for Nigeria that will make it a great nation”.

“Constitutional provisions should be upheld in deciding the presiding officers of the National Assembly. Anything short of this may undermine the output and impact of the 10th Assembly, which presents a rare opportunity for the legislative institution to reassert itself as the pillar of democracy and earn public trust.

“This struggle must start with the quality of leaders we elect in June and in addition to our sensitivities, merit must be the highest consideration.”

“The legitimacy of National Assembly before Nigerian people can be enhanced or diminished by the quality of its leadership.”

The former Deputy Minority Leader in the 6th and 7th National Assembly explained that “More than at any time under the current dispensation which started in 1999, we need independent-minded leaders who can foster the independence of the legislature if our country must make progress.”

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